Terms and Conditions for accessing Bangalore escort service through plezar.in

The precondition of accessing Bangalore escort service through plezar.in is that you must be at least 18 or above. Before, enjoying with our Bangalore escorts, you must agree with our terms and conditions.

You should adhere to our privacy policy as well. You should respect our girls and they will reciprocate the same. We have zero-tolerance for disrespect. You can report us directly if any incident of showing disrespect by our escort girls happens to you.

Please don’t use the term Bangalore escort service rate

Bangalore escort and adult entertainment industry never encourage you to use the term “rate”. Unlike other commodities, chastity and sensual service cannot be sold in the open market. Using the term “donation” has a very soothing effect on service providers. You should respect them and give them “donations” for spending quality time with them. After using their discreet services, you should keep the donation amount on a table, wrapping it in a piece of paper or keeping in an envelope. You should bid them goodbye with a smiling face before leaving the place.

Do everything after getting consent from the girls. Please don’t make any forcible attempt to gratify or satisfy your dark fantasies and libidinal desires. Make them your friend and build a very good relationship with them. You will be the gainer.

Safety and security while enjoying with our independent escorts in Bangalore

Independent escorts in Bangalore are high-profile ladies belonging to aristocrat families and working at various dignified positions. They have their families. They work with us as a freelancer. There are many housewives, model girls and working women. These beautiful babes work with us on a part-time basis to add more to their income and spend their leisure in some colorful ways. We have strict rules for them to undergo a routine checkup and get a fitness certificate issued by a registered medical practitioner. Moreover, they must have a license to offer you sensual and sexual services. Our clients can check these any time before using their services.

Our paramount interest is to ensure our clients a long love life by keeping them free from any genital diseases. We are liable to do this.

Confidentiality while coming to us for using our Bangalore escorts services

We never disclose our client’s real identity to our escort girls in Bangalore. This is why there is no chance of blackmailing and putting you in an unfavorable or uncomfortable situation. We keep your detail with our escort agency as a top-secret. Therefore, you should be careful about keeping your real identity undisclosed.

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